Now, if you are a regular in online casinos, especially the new age types that offer titles with multitude of features, you must have experienced the free bonus games in some of the titles available in these casinos. This feature that is also known as mini games or bonus rounds in some platforms is normally given to appreciate the player for getting to a certain level in a particular game. These could be activated by the player when they hit a certain combination of symbols in the free online slots with bonus or the real money versions. In most cases, the combinations that trigger these could be three or two scatter symbols, or other symbols. But in some others, you may be lucky to get involved with a free bonus slot where they are triggered at random. Here, you won’t need to hit any combination before they are triggered. One of the paramount facts about this type of reward is that it presents massive opportunities for players to achieve huge wins. However, before you revel in these, you need to understand their workings and types.

Types of Free Bonus Games

  • These can come in different types or forms, the most prevalent of which would include those mentioned below.
  • Pathway Game – this is offered in form of big prizes won when you make huge progress in the mini games. It’s mostly attached to progressive jackpots.
  • Extra Wilds – this involves extra or new wild symbols added to the reels of some slots.
  • Instant Win – this doles out instant prizes to players.
  • Pick Me – this comes in form of selections with random themes to pick from, so as to win instant prizes in some mini games that are interactive.
  • Re-pins- involves the offering of an extra spin for any current stake at no cost while the symbols are intact.
  • Free-spins- this involves an offering of lots of free spins at your current stake, and here, all wins are retained.

Some other types could be specific to particular slots or casinos, as they try to make things more exciting and to appreciate the players. As online gambling advances, many good initiatives to reward players keep coming up. Also, it is good to note that most of the slots without these bonus games will try to make up for this with other methods of doling out huge or regular wins.


How to Lay Hands on Free Bonus Games

Getting the gifts offered in the free games slots with bonus game in most cases may not be easy. On few occasions, they may come to you at random, though you must have gotten to a certain level of gameplay before this could happen. However, in other cases, and most prevalently, the free games or bonuses are doled out when you must have hit a stipulated combination of symbols. This normally happens during the regular gameplay, and will pay you good rewards. However, for you to fish out the slots with bonus games in a particular casino, you need to read the review of the slots or check the pay-table of the games.

How to Win Back Free Bonus Game

To win back these largesse, ensure that you are choosing the title with the best of it. The indices to check before you choose should include the top prize to win with the awarded bonus. If it will only offer you a double of your stake, then it may not be good. Go for the ones that will multiply your wager in huge amounts. Also, you have to weigh the possibility of the round being activated more often. In some titles and casinos, the activation happens just after a few spins, while in some, it will take up to hundreds of spins for it to be activated. Choose the former.

You should also consider the fun and entertainment angle of the game, as this will make you take risks that may prove worthwhile in the end. This will aid you towards winning back the offer. All you need to do is to continue playing until you hit the bonus games, and to know the best strategies to use when you have the bonus games. This will help you win cashable prizes from the bonus games, and also unlock other bonuses while at it. Generally, the games without many features are low variance games and they will always pay more often, but with small prizes. But those with bonuses will land you the huge wins. The more you play slots with free bonus games, the more you stand the chance to land the huge prizes.

Where to Get the Highest Free Bonus Game

The free bonus games are found inside slots and some other games too. Now, with the online gambling awareness that is sweeping all over Canada, it becomes imperative for the casino owners to step up their game in the bid to stay relevant. To do this, all the enticing features that keep players entertained and those that reward them for their efforts and patronage became paramount. Consequent upon this, titles of this type of round are now offered. They include the generous Mega Moolah slot, The popular Enchantment pokie, the Cool Jewels that excites players, and the captivating Raging Rhino. Others Are Flaming Hot, the high paying Thunderstruck II and the North American Alaskan Fishing. In Canada, the casinos where you will enjoy these games are numerous, but some of the biggest are Ruby Fortune Mobile, Jackpot City casino and Spin Casino.