Of late, there has been a steep rise in the number of online casinos emerged in the market. But not all of them are made equal, and players ought to be wary of unreliable casino websites. Fortunately for our readers, we have picked the most trusted online casinos for review to ease some of their burdens.

  • Most Canadian players wonder – “Are online casinos Canada legal?” The answer isn’t as straightforward as one would presume. In order gambling on a casino to be considered legal, the casino itself has to have a working license from the proper gaming authorities. This is not easy to get since a casino has to comply with the regulations set by the said authorities.
    That is why our team of experts brings to you only those online casinos that have a legitimate working license and are widely popular in the industry. This we do by carefully evaluating and studying each branch of a casino before offering a selection to Canadian players.

The most important aspect out of all these we consider the online casino games Canada. After spending countless hours investigating and assessing the pros and cons of the top names in the industry, we have compiled a list of casinos that are worth your salt.

Additionally, we also go through various facets of the different casinos to see what sets them apart from the rest. Some of the areas that we evaluate include the promotions that they offer, the banking system that they employ, the licenses that they have, and their adherence to responsible gaming, among many others.

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Top-Rated Online Casinos in Canada

Deciding which casino to play on is the first thing that a player has to take care of. In this review, we bring to you the top rated online casinos that have been in vogue for the past few years. In order to guarantee a safe and merry gambling experience, we recommend only those casinos that meet stringent selection criteria.

Dozens of online casinos vie for the gamblers’ attention but they can be fraudulent in nature. Not only do they proffer their games and services at a markedly higher price, but they may also not allow you to withdraw your winnings. Playing on many of them may also be illegal due to the lack of a valid license. That is why we urge players not to try out casinos that fail our tests.

That said, in this article, we focus mainly on the top online casinos that have passed all our tests regarding security, quality, support, payments system, and reliability. You can easily play on the casinos mentioned herein without having to worry about any issues pertaining to banking, game-quality, or legality.

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How We Review and Selected Trusted Online Casinos in Canada

In order to keep this review transparent, let us tell you how exactly we review the casinos. Firstly, we check whether or not the casino has a gambling license. This is an indispensable aspect since this in itself is a hallmark of safety and trust. Your personal data and funds are important to you, and we check for all security measures that a given casino takes to ensure that they are not mishandled.

Next, in order to select the best online casino, we look at the gaming catalog. The best online casino ought to have a wide selection of games provided by only the best of developers. Furthermore, if a casino has a play-for-free option, the better it is. The gaming experience also has to be smooth and immersive, without exception.

We review bonuses of all kinds as well since these are an integral part of a user’s gambling experience. At the same time, there have to be reasonable terms and conditions to them, especially when it comes to wagering requirements. In the same breath, we can also add to our test for the banking system. Usually, as long as the popular methods of payment are made available, the casino passes the test. But at any rate, the more options there are, the better it is.

Lastly, we cannot overlook the support structure since it is the spine of any company. The most trusted online casino must resolve issues speedily and provide data protection. It should also look after the safety and well-being of its players to ensure that players don’t get caught up with their gambling habits.

Why Is Online Casino Licensing Important?

Getting licensed for an online casino is no easy matter but one that cannot be forgone. Other than fulfilling the requirements for compliance, an online casino license also helps them earn the customer’s trust. If you are an entrepreneur and are wondering – “how to get a casino license?” we are here to help.

Casinos ought to apply for a license once they have set their house in order, so to speak. The gambling authorities will check for any cracks in the way casinos run their business. Any tampering or mishandling of information and payments will result in them being blacklisted.

The casinos also have to have a strong security system. Since a lot of private data needs to be handled, it is essential for casinos to have the wherewithal to manage it all. The authorities will also do a background check of the casino, which includes maintaining strong finances, fair employment, clean working history, and other such regulations.

No gambling authority issues licenses indefinitely. They need to be renewed periodically. This ensures that the casinos maintain a high standard of business practices and the gaming environment. Regardless of the popularity of a casino, if they do not meet the criteria, their online casino license will be revoked.

Gambling Laws in Canada

The legality of an online casino depends on the workings of the operator, its compliance with industry regulations, which may slightly vary depending on location. However, the history of gambling laws in Canada can confound the average gambler. So let us review that for a bit.

In 1985, the government allowed each province to control its own gambling laws. Yet, according to Canadian law, it is illegal to operate a betting house. But since it is an antiquated federal law, it does not sit well with online betting houses. So, where do casinos get their licenses from? In a word – offshore.

For instance, the Kahnawake gambling license provided by the gambling commission of the same name lets Canadian casinos operate with impunity. This is because Kahnawake does not come under the jurisdiction of Montreal, and this allows it to exploit the loopholes to provide gambling licenses.

Although online gambling in Canada is marred with uncertainty, there are casinos that operate legally out of Canada itself. This is because there aren’t many laws that relate to online gambling in Canada, per se. Additionally, there aren’t many provinces that have laws against it though some of them do allow one kind of gambling or another.

Ultimately, you won’t be held accountable for gambling on online casinos as long as you abide by the casino gambling age. The one area that seems to constitute illegal activities in some cases is the setting up of online casinos in Canada. But that too is allayed by the gambling commissions offshore.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This commission was formed in 1996 and started doling out licenses in 1999. At first, it wasn’t considered a strong regulatory body. However, in the past decade, it has amended that by tightening up the regulatory requirements and also by having a greater involvement in resolving customer issues.

This resurgence in active participation and a stronger business ethic has led them to become one of the better gaming commissions there are. Nowadays, for an upcoming casino Kahnawake licensing is deemed one of the more trustworthy licenses that it can attain.

Gambling Laws in Canada’s Provinces

Canada is divided into 10 provinces, each province is a self-governing entity. The administrative powers vested in these provinces are granted by the federal government. Many provinces have their own online casinos that are approved by the government, which allows players to bet wagers over the Internet.

There are many different types of gambling that takes place in online betting outlets and casinos of the provinces. These invariably include playing on slot machines, horse race betting, lottery, sports betting, and even charitable gaming. The only illegal thing, according to Canada online gambling laws, is the provision of gambling services that are not authorized by the provinces and the government.

Local Casinos

The best local casinos in Canada according to our reviews would be the land based ones that offer games to walk in and regular customers. At this time, it may not be Royalpalace or other online games. But those located in areas like Palmshard where physical slots gaming are enjoyed. They include;

Gambling Taxes

The revenue agency of Canada doesn’t require players to pay taxes on lottery winnings. The reason for this is that lotteries aren’t considered as a way of earning. It must also be noted that all games in which the chances of winning and losing are the same are considered lotteries. This means that players can bet on sports match results and be exempted from paying tax on their winnings.

Additionally, taxes on gambling winnings are taken in the same stride. Since it is hard to separate players who are playing for leisure from those who earn money as professional gamblers, the revenue agency does not impose any taxes on casino winnings.

New Online Casinos

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Canadian casinos get their licenses, you can understand the importance that they have on your gambling experience. Given how difficult it is to procure a gambling license, it behooves you to ensure that you restrict your gambling on casinos that are legitimate and comply with the regulations laid down by these commissions.

That is why we are studying new online casinos for Canadian players so as to avoid the possibility of fraudulent and unverified casinos. Make no mistake; there are many new online casinos with no deposit bonuses that will lure you to their website only to scam you off your money and leave you high and dry.

As mentioned earlier, the casinos that we go through a rigorous process of verification and only when they have checked all the parameters of quality assurance are they deemed trustworthy by us. It is not just your money that is at stake but your private data and information as well, which nowadays is worth a lot more than it used to be.

Online Casinos for Mobile Devices

Thanks to technological developments, it is possible for gamblers to play their most coveted casino games on their smartphones. Nowadays, most gamblers prefer to play online mobile casinos rather than on their desktops since it allows them to get a piece of the action even when they are mobile.

Regardless of the device you use – a smartphone or a tablet – you can get access to all casino games without any trouble. There isn’t an issue with the platform that you are on either. This is because most casinos nowadays customize their games in such a way that they can be run seamlessly on most popular platforms such as Android and iOS.

However, not all mobile casino apps are made equal. That is why we highly recommend you give all slots mobile casino games a shot. Not only is it compatible with most handheld devices, but the games themselves are also of extremely high quality that will get you gaming for hours on end. You need not even require the latest smartphone or tablet in order to run them since the games aren’t too demanding of the hardware. Even if you have an old device, the games are guaranteed to run smoothly.

If you are wondering whether the payment systems work the same way on your devices, then you need not worry. The highlight of casino apps is the fact that all features that you will find on the original casino site can be accessed on the app too. Yes, this includes the ability to deposit and cash casino winnings. This enables you to get in on the gambling action without the need to stay rooted in one spot.

  • iPhone

An iPhone user can also play good games on their mobile device. This is because there are some games that are created purposely to serve the iPhone community. Wild Jack, Touch Lucky, Vegas Crest, and Ruby Fortune are some of the options at your disposal as an iPhone user.

  • Android

The Android community is an ever-growing one. The increasing number of users also imply that a great number of online game players also use this device. Many online casinos also support Android devices. Some of the commonest ones are 888, Spin Palace, Leo Vegas, Mr. Green Casino, Bluefox, Crypto and what have you.

Bonuses and Promotions in Online Casinos

There are many online casino bonuses that Canadian players can take advantage of to increase their bankroll and their play-time. But finding a casino that offers mouth-watering promotions with reasonable terms and conditions is akin to finding a needle in the hack stack. So, let us take a look at some of the best online casino bonuses among the plethora of new promotions that are offered.

If you are in search of a big bonus as well as free spins, then check out Betchan’s welcome bonus. Users can get a maximum of $1500 as well as 120 free spins to go along with it. If that doesn’t seem good enough, try BitStarz $2000 welcome package that comes with additional 180 free spins.

In addition to welcome bonuses, you can also take a look at the $1 bonuses. On Zodiac casino, you get 80 such $1 chances in addition to $500 in bonuses. If you are a slots enthusiast, Quatro casino’s 700 free spins bonus might be more to your liking.

In order to avail of these bonuses, users are required to submit their details and register. Also, a minimum deposit is to be made, which varies depending on the casino that you are on. Furthermore, you are not required to key in any online casino bonus code if you are a new player, and all the bonuses are activated automatically.

Players who have been on a casino for a while will find that the bonus codes required for activation are sent straight to their inbox. These bonuses can be availed even if you are playing on a casino app or a mobile casino site without any hassle.

Popular Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Let us find out what the different types of casino bonuses are like and how you can benefit from them. The most coveted bonus is the one that you get as soon as you join a casino it`s a welcome bonus casino. This is called a welcome bonus. These are usually split into the first five deposits that you make and are typically the highest amounts that you can get.

Another type is a casino welcome no deposit bonus promotion. These do not require you to recharge your account and can be availed for free. Thereafter, we have a match-up bonus. In these promotions, the casino matches your deposit and multiplies it to give you extra cash to play with. For instance, if you have a 200% match bonus, you get twice the amount that you deposited as a bonus.

Slots and Table Games in Casinos Online

If you are a gambler, it is likely that the games that you are gravitated towards are either slots or table titles. These online casino games come with their unique rules of play, which makes them both exciting and rewarding. But they also come with their own set of disadvantages which should be taken into account.

For instance, playing free online casino slots can be an extremely rewarding experience if you simply want to relax and unwind with a few harmless spins. Not only do these free slots allow you to test different games, but you also get the hang of how to win. However, in order to win any real cash, you have to start depositing. You can win a decent amount of money depending on the RTP of the slot, but beating the house advantage on slots is quite an uphill task.

Casino table games, on the other hand, allow you to hone your skills and win relatively easily since the house edge isn’t that great. These are also some of the most played games on casinos of all kinds. Since these are not chance-based games, they require a sufficient understanding of the rules and game-play. The learning curve is quite steep, but the rewards are equally enticing as well.

Payment Systems and Withdrawal of Money

The number of banking options that a casino offers can tell you straight away how organized and up-to-date its banking system is. Most casinos employ at least the popular ways of money transfer, such as payment via credit/debit cards and bank transfer. Other than that, E-wallets and Bitcoin payments are also accepted by many casinos.

All deposits are made instantly, and there is no casino security pay fee levied by the casino, even if you deposit the bare minimum set by the casino. However, withdrawals are not as promptly processed. On most casinos, as soon as you request a withdrawal, you will have to wait at least 24 hours, which is also called a “cooling-off” period.

Thereafter, the speed at which they are processed will depend on your withdrawal method. For instance, it can take up to 5 working days on average if your mode of withdrawal is debit/credit cards. Bank transfer can take the same amount of time as well. For instant withdrawal casino options such as E-wallets and Cryptocurrencies are usually the go-to for most veteran gamblers.

Online Casino Canada: Responsible Gambling

A trustworthy online casino Canada will have a responsible gambling policy, regardless of where it gets its license from. This is because all reliable casinos want to create a safe atmosphere for their players where they can relax and play for fun. However, the nature of gambling can quickly devolve into an addiction that hurts the players and the casino as well.

That is why most casinos closely monitor the gambling habits of their customers. As per their responsible gambling policy, if at any time a user requests for help, the casino is obliged to assist him/her with their behavior. This includes setting a limit on the number of hours s/he can play in a given week or month and the amount that can be deposited.

Players are advised to be wary as well. In order to ensure that your gambling habits are not taking the better of you, it is best to set a time and budget limit that you shouldn’t cross. At the same time, if things do happen to take a turn for the worst, you can always contact the casino’s support unit and get help from them.

The only exception to this can occur when you have your finances in order and are taking part in a tournament. Also, casinos will only admit users who are 18 years old or above since underage gambling is considered illegal.

Top Casinos by Types

Regardless of the classification factor, the top casinos in Canada are Jackpot City, SpinPalace, Ruby Fortune, Royal Vegas, Room and grand, and Betway.

They offer a wide range of games, card, poker, table games, machine games, and slots in order to give players multiple options to choose from.

Casino Types by Software

Casinos offer tons of games to meet the gaming needs of their ever-increasing number of players. To make this happen, a multitude of gaming software companies provide their long list of games.
Some of the most powerful software behind these platforms are:

  • Microgaming

Microgaming provides the amazing games that many gamers look forward to. It has proven to be one of the leading names in the gaming software companies as it has rolled out hundreds of games for its clients.

Microgaming is the supplier of the some casinos such as Dunder, Casumo , LeoVegas, Highroller, and several others.

  • IGT

Ever since it was founded, IGT has provided games to many gaming sites across the world. Its impact can be felt in Canada, USA, and other places where online gaming is legal.

IGT is a specialist in slot games and others that can be played on a wide range of mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows phones, and others.

  • NetEnt

This list will be incomplete without a mention of one of the leading names in the industry. It has partnered with tens of the world’s best virtual game providers in the world.

Casino Types by Payment Systems

Payment option is another criterion for classifying casinos. The most popular payment options accepted by online gaming platforms are:

  • Paypal

PayPal remains one of the most popular online payment platforms used for payments for online transactions, including gambling.

The secure e-wallet makes payment and withdrawals easy for gamers playing different types of casino games.

  • Neteller

Neteller has gradually built a reputation as one of the safest online payment platforms. This has led to the integration of this efficient payment platform into tons of online casinos such as 888, 777.com, Casino Las Vegas, Winner Casino, Casino Tropez, and a host of other gaming sites.

  • MasterCard

MasterCard is another leader in the online payment community. It offers easy withdrawal and payment that contributes significantly to the ease and fun of playing games on online gaming sites. It’s presence in over 200 countries across the globe makes it a credible payment option.

888, Casino Las Vegas, 7 Spins, Bet-At-Home.com, Winner, and Eurogrand are some of the online casinos that accept MasterCard as a payment/withdrawal platform.

  • American Express

American Express has been around for centuries. Since its establishment in 1850, Amex, as it is popularly known, has served as a credible financial service system for business transactions. Therefore, it has proven to be one of the best in the gaming community.

Spartans Slots, Bigdollar, Jumbabet, Sloto Cash, Black Diamond, and Silver Oak have benefited immensely from this payment platform.

  • Bank Wire

This electronic payment options is available for gamers who are skeptical about using debit/credit cards while playing online. Otherwise known as credit transfer, you can make transfer via your local bank to any part of the world.

In the gaming community, bank wire has found its way into the hearts of Eurogrand, Bigdollar , Scasino, Winner, 777.com, and some other casino platforms, providing satisfying answers to gamers quest for a reliable banking option.

How to Start Playing in Online Casinos

If you want to get on board and enjoy classic games in Marriott styled land casinos or amazing websites in Maho and Tcherry, you should first of all choose the type to enjoy. Make use of our best Canadian online casino reviews to pick the best and register with them. After this, make the required deposit and use the free or demo games to learn the trade. When you must have mastered the games you can now wager money.

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