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Eight Games Submitted For Assessment Including Five Online Card Games

The Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications has been asked by the Ho Chi Minh City department of Information and Communications, has asked its controlling structure, to consider eight online games which have been causing excessive interest among students and citizens alike, in Internet cafes and other outlets.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the games in question that provide gambling or violence and may be said to overly consume the time and interests of the young.

According to Vietnamnet Bridge, consequently the department has requested that the Ministry review the contents of five online card playing games, which include Baccarat, Seven Poker, Blackjack, Gostop, and Badugi, that are being distributed by the Pacific Company, as well as three games which have violent elements, those being Special Force by FPT Online, Sudden Attack distributed by Vinagame, and Cross Fire by VTC Intercom.

Cross Fire, Sudden Attack, and Special Force, of the above games, have especially lured many of the youth into game shops and Internet cafes, where quote often tens of thousands of people are playing Sudden Attack around the city in addition to approximately 10,000 playing Special Force.

All online gaming accounts in Vietnam are controlled by the Ministry of Information and Communications which only permits users to play on an account for periods of five hour each day, following which user accounts are automatically logged off. In addition to this, for users to get the full value of any bonus points they must play for three hours or less – between 3-5 hours of play, and only 50 percent of obtainable bonus points are being given.

In spite of this however, the majority of game players have worked out surprisingly easy ways to get around the system. The simplest of this is when operators reset the playing hours, thus allowing the player who completes the allowed 5 hours to exit and then log in again.

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