If you are an online gambler instinctively and are looking for the best exclusive bonuses, then you have come to an apt place. At GreatCasinoCanada.com, we have figured that a standardized online bonus is just not going to cut down for you. Hence, we have decided to come up with some exclusive bonuses that can greatly increase your chances of winning some major cash prizes.

All online casinos listed in this article have been accredited. If we feel that a certain online casino is not living up to the set standards, we will kick it out from here. Overall, playing casino games that provide exclusive bonuses will augment your chances to win big. Hence, online casinos don’t offer a lot of exclusive bonuses.


    Which online casino offers top exclusive Bonus codes to new players?

    If you prefer a new online casino, the special bonuses provided by them play a major deciding factor. Almost all online casinos provide diverse kinds of special bonus codes. Hence, it is up to you and your preferences ultimately. You must consider many different factors like the type of player you are, etc.  A few of the best exclusive bonus casino sites include:

    How do Exclusive Bonuses work?

    Exclusive bonuses are provided by affiliated partners and sites, not by online casinos. These sites and partners work closely with online casinos. The latter sends them the hottest deals and the former passes them on to punters. Most of these exclusive bonuses are provided across the board and are found in every affiliated exclusive bonus casino site. 

    Exclusive bonuses are just offered by best affiliates. This means the affiliate the online casino respects the most is the one that can offer exclusive bonuses. These bonuses may include a very generous welcome bonus, a sizable package bonus, or simply great deposit bonuses. Whenever an online casino adds exclusive bonuses, they automatically come in the top list.

    Advantages and disadvantages of Exclusive Bonuses

    The most evident benefit of playing with casino exclusive bonuses is that you are able to play free of cost and retain all your winnings earned from free money. For beginners of online casinos, exclusive bonuses help them to figure out the game. It is a fun experience to play a game without having to pay for them, all while earning real cash money at the same time. As per the type of gambler you are, you can receive exclusive bonuses on every casino game.

    Alternatively, there are also some drawbacks of exclusive bonuses. You might discover some of these exclusive bonuses bounded by game rules. For example, in a certain slot game, you can receive only the free spins. Since bonuses are targeted at certain casino games, you must read all the terms and conditions to know whether you could play and win that game or not. Additionally, you have the wagering limits, which is why you must refer to the rules again.

    Different types of Exclusive Bonuses

    There are many diverse kinds of exclusive bonuses offered to punters. Some include:

    Deposit Bonus

    As the name suggests, this is the bonus you can avail once you deposit. Once you deposit, the online casino will assess and provide you with the bonus codes. You can receive huge rewards for the deposits you make.

    No deposit bonuses

    When you register for a no deposit exclusive bonus, you will not have to spend a single dime in the game. In short, this bonus means that the casino is giving you free tryouts for any game you like, absolutely for free. These bonuses are given to you upfront.

    Free spins bonuses

    Exclusive free spins bonuses are probably the most in-demand exclusive bonuses. With the help of these bonuses, you can try the games free of cost, all while winning real cash rewards. Additionally, you can utilize all your winnings to start a bankroll, without having to deposit a cent from your pocket.

    Reasons for Exclusive Bonuses

    From the above, we have seen that the advantages of exclusive bonuses far outweigh its disadvantages. This is one of the reasons why exclusive bonuses are so well-liked among online casino gamblers. With its help, you get a chance to earn winnings without actually having to spend a single cent from your own pocket. You play using free cash as. This is the reason why exclusive bonuses are such a hit with online gamblers, especially the ones from places like Canada.

    Exclusive Bonuses FAQ:

    Are there any drawbacks of Exclusive Bonuses?

    Yes, there are a few negative aspects of exclusive bonuses. There are wagering limits and terms that you must know. Additionally, exclusive bonuses are not present in all games on online casinos.

    How do they work?

    To avail exclusive bonuses, you need to register with the online casino first. Once you do so, you are rewarded with diverse types of bonuses. If your luck is good, you’ll get a chance to claim exclusive bonuses.

    Which casino sites provide the top Exclusive Bonuses?

    There are several online casino websites that provide top casino exclusive bonuses. Some of them include Unibet, High Roller, Slot Machine, Night Rush, etc.

    Can I get Exclusive Bonuses on mobile?

    The answer to this question totally depends on the online casino you are playing in. If the online casino supports exclusive bonuses on mobile devices, you can surely go ahead with it.