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Alberta is one of the largest Canadian cities with a good number of casinos for online game lovers. Apart from Edmonton and Dakota, Alberta is another city with good gaming centers and an impressive number of attractive games.

Top-5 Casino

Top Alberta online casino sites 2019

As a big city, Alberta can boast of a good number of online gaming sites and a couple of them Edmonton, Alberta is outstanding. As a gambler, here are the top Alberta online casino sites you can look forward to in 2019:

  •  Jackpot City

Jackpot City is a top Alberta online casino platform that has continued to provide series of attractions and tournaments for online gamblers in the city.

From amazing slots to different types of Roulette and Blackjack games, Jackpot City is loaded to the brim and offers gamblers the opportunity to play for cash.

Jackpot City offers an array of Blackjack, slots, and Roulette games. They thus give their players the opportunity to make a choice from the available options, including the newest games, at their convenience.

  • All Slots Casino

For a gaming platform that claims to be the leading online slots casino, it offers over 500 games that include Baccarat, Blackjack, and video pokers. Others include online slots, casino war, and what have you.

The casino is updated every month as more games are added in order to sustain the interest of their players.

• Royal Vegas Casino

Royal casino will awe you with its attractive interface before wowing you with its casino games that are designed to give you pleasure. It is another great option for those in Calgary, Alberta.

Irrespective of your preference, rest assured that this gaming site has over 700 feature-rich games that will meet your needs.

If you are a new player, you will have access to promotions and bonus offers that will keep you addicted to Royal Vegas.

You may also consider Rivers, Red Deer, Golden Eagle, and a great collection of other gaming sites.

Best casino games in Alberta

Alberta has its own fair share of gaming sites and games for its growing number of online gamblers. To give you a taste of the goodies available, they offer these and more:
• Roulette.
• Baccarat.
• Blackjack.
• Slot games.
• Video pokers.

Alberta gambling laws

Alberta is obviously the largest province in Canada and has a long history of gambling. Thus, gambling is regulated in this province via the Alberta Gambling Laws. Let me give you an insight into these laws.

  •  Horse racing: Horse racing is restricted to some gaming platformsin Alberta. If you are passionate about horse racing, you are restricted to Northlands Park, Century Downs, and other casinos.
  •  Sports betting: The law stipulates that players can’t wager on more than two games when playing the parlay style. More so, no player can make in excess of $250 wagers per day.
  •  Online gambling: Alberta residents are restricted to sportsbooks and casinos.
  •  Casinos: The city has over 25 online gaming platforms. The larger percentage of them is for charitable causes. Thus, the profits are splits with a good number of charities in the region.
  •  Charitable gaming: This is another option for gamblers in the city. You can play casino games or legal charitable one such pull tickets and bingo.
  •  Gambling age: People aged 18 and above only have the license to play online games for cash in Alberta or Calgary.

The laws are put in place in order to sanitize the gaming community and ensure that only legal activities are carried out on gaming platforms.

Canadian Gambling FAQ

How popular is online gambling in Canada?

Gambling has always been extremely popular in Canada. A survey in 2005 found that around 75% of Canadians interviewed had gambled at least once in the past year. With the rising popularity of gambling on the web in the past decade, that number is probably even higher now! Thanks to a combination of a fairly progressive approach to gambling laws (more on that below), more and more Canadians are trying online gambling for the first time and contributing to what is now a multi-billion dollar industry in The Great White North.

Can I play on my mobile?

As we mentioned above, the law makes it impossible for online casino operators to base their offices or even their servers in Canada. However some are based in the Kahnawake Mohawk territory. So what does this mean for Canadians looking to gamble on the Internet? Actually, it means very little. There are hundreds and hundreds of international casino operators that welcome Canadian players, even allowing deposits and withdrawals in Canadian Dollars and offering titles/games that can be found in land-based Canadian casinos.

Are there any Canadian based online casinos?

Of course. All of the most popular online gambling sites in Canada offer mobile games that can be played in browser thanks to html5. Whether you're playing on an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a Windows phone or BlackBerry - a mobile gambling site will offer you a full range of games and online betting opportunities on your device. Top sites for gambling online can also offer apps for Android and iOS, which you can easily download to your phone or iPad and start wagering.