Have you ever played 9 reel slots? If you prefer classic 3-reel and 5-reel machines, it is high time to switch to more advanced chances.

9 reel slots Canada are really amazing chances. Most of them resemble classic machines with 3 rows and images. This machine includes 9 images that spin independently. In addition, you can enjoy special features, bonus chances, and increasing jackpot. Take a look now at possible options:

• Rocket Returns
• Lucky 8-Line
• Football Mania
• Princess Chintana
• Wheeler Dealer

9 reel slots come with the special feature included. It allows you to cease any reel/spinning set autonomously. It provides players with better control of the game. Sometimes, you can see 9 reel slots divided into several 3-reel slots. The good example for this is Santa machine powered by 1×2 Gaming. On the other hand, some slots feature all 9 reels on the screen at the same time. The example for this is Nine Reels Titan by Digital Gaming solutions provider.

Learn how to play 9-reel slots and start this chance right now.

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